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Hunan Kesiyi Building Materials Co., Ltd.

  Hunan Kesiyi Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the management of wood products and related supporting products, committed to the introduction and promotion of high-quality boards worldwide. Its brands include: Disn YuanFu board, Disn Wang board, Jin Disn full house customization, customizable decorative materials, etc. In order to enhance the company's...

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  • 3000+offline specialty stores, convenient for you to experience and purchase Kesiyi building materials products, and provide you with detailed product introductions and delivery and installation assistance
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  • All products of Kesiyi come with a trademark certificate and have anti-counterfeiting query function. The anti-counterfeiting code is unique, and you can verify the products you have purchased through phone, website, QR code, customer hotline, and other methods
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  • Here you can see the questions and answers that people often ask, easily query your questions, and understand your problem-solving methods.
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  • Contact us, we are willing to listen to your opinions. Whether you want to inquire about information, complain about solving problems, or make suggestions for our services, you can contact us.
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